What Better Place To Get Married Than Hana, Maui?

Are you recently engaged and wondering where to start with wedding plans? The recent spate of royal and celebrity weddings may leave you wondering if that kind of pomp and splendor is what you want for your own. You don’t have to do the same thing.

Getting married in Hana, Maui

An outdoor ceremony that’s in the middle of one of nature’s most incredible places with just you and your partner may be the ideal way to start your new life together. Whether you come on your own, or with just a few of your friends and family, Hana offers a serene and unique experience far away from the busier cities on Maui.

If you’re in the midst of planning, or just getting started, a destination wedding in Hana should be on your list of things to research.

A Hana Wedding

When you marry in a church or reception hall, pictures are limited to inside, and many photographers use backdrops to enhance wedding pictures.

If you’ve been here before, you understand why people keep coming back. The laid-back atmosphere, the tranquil beaches, and the beautiful grounds make it ideal for a small, intimate wedding in one of the most peaceful and beautiful places on earth.

Hana’s location on the northeast side of the island’s coast make it one of the most picturesque and beautiful places for an intimate Hawaiian wedding. Quiet and serene, your wedding will be leisurely and stress-free so that you and your partner can truly enjoy the day.

Mother Nature provides natural beauty for “backdrops”, and they’re available all year around. Lush greenery, palm trees, black and white sand beaches, waterfalls and cliffs are just some of the idyllic places you can take stunning wedding pictures that are like no other.

Hawaiian Marriage License

Just like a wedding in your home town, you’ll need a marriage license. (Hawaii does not require blood tests.)

When you make your travel arrangements, you’ll need to make an appointment with a marriage license agent, which lasts about 30 minutes. Find the closest one to your wedding venue.

You can get your marriage license online, pay with a card, and it’s valid for 30 days after issuance, on any island anywhere in Hawaii. Do this when you’re closer to your travel dates. Bring your marriage license (or printed receipt), identification for both parties, and $70 cash (unless previously paid online.) And of course, bring your marriage license with you to the wedding so that your officiant can file it with the state.

A legal marriage in Hawaii is also legal in the other 49 states. Once you’re married, it will take from 60 to 120 days to get your certified marriage certificate from Hawaii.

If you live outside of the US, you’ll also need an apostille, a document that validates your US marriage in your home country.

You can find out more on the state’s Vital Statistics page for marriage licenses. If you have any questions, you can also call 808-586-4545.

Consider A Hana Kai Maui Wedding

We have room for up to 64 guests total in our 18 guest rooms. We would also be happy to hold your wedding on the grounds or on the beach.

Whether it’s your first time in Hana, or a return visit for your dream wedding, Hana Kai Maui is ready to make your special day memorable. You can start your Hana wedding planning now by calling our general manager, Susie, at (808) 248-7012, or visit www.HanaWeddingCo.com.