Hana Kai Maui Pandemic Policies and Info


Aloha upcoming guest,

Due to legal requirements concerning COVID-19, please be advised that Hana Kai Maui will require trans-Pacific travelers to email their COVID-19 pre-arrival test results to hanakaimaui@gmail.com prior to arrival. We will be unable to accommodate guests who do not provide results in advance, have not received test results, or have tested positive for the virus.    

We are taking steps to protect our guests and employees by implementing recommendations from the CDC and Hotel Industry experts.

  • Please wear a mask whenever social distancing is not possible, especially on walkways or at the front desk.
  • Practice social distancing at all times within the property and throughout Hana.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently

In addition, team members:

  • are committed to staying home if they feel sick
  • are sanitizing high touch surfaces prior to check-in

Due to the pandemic, temporary changes to our accommodations and services include:

  • removal of decorative bedspreads, area rugs and throw pillows
  • suspension of daily housekeeping service. We will supply guests with fresh linens and amenities as needed.
  • reduced office hours are from 8am to 5pm daily, however, office staff are also working in rooms, so the office may be closed periodically during the day even though staff members are on property.

Please be aware that certain businesses and services in Hana may not be open/available during your stay. As of today:

  • Kaumahina and Pua’a Ka’a state wayside parks (Public Bathrooms) along the Hana Highway are currently closed! Please be sure to use the bathroom before setting out on your adventure to Hana!
  • Hana Ranch Restaurant and The Preserve at Hana Maui Resort (formerly known as Travaasa Hana) are currently closed and will not reopen until November 20 at the soonest.
  • Several lunch wagons are open and more are reopening as tourists return to the islands. Some remain open after dark but be careful not to depend on it in this time of uncertainty. You have a full kitchen in your unit.
  • Haleakala National Park – Kipahulu Division (Seven Pools):
    • Open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
    • Trails are open
    • Bathrooms are open
    • No swimming
    • Visitors center is closed.
  • Waianapanapa State Park
    • Loop trail is closed
    • Coastal trail is open
    • Black sand beach is open
  • Hana Lava Tube open as of October 20.
  • Hana Cultural Center is currently closed
  • Kahanu Garden and Pi’ilani Heiau is currently open but we recommend calling ahead or making a reservation.
  • Hana Ranch Store and Hasegawa General Store are open and welcome visitors. Masks are required, rules are posted at entrance. Stores are open 7am to 6pm daily.
  • Hana Gas is currently open 6am to 8pm daily except Sunday closes at 6pm.


Covid-19 has caused a shift in the lives of people living in tourist areas worldwide. With the re-introduction of tourism to the Islands, we ask that you respect the people and cultural values of this area. To date, the Hana Community has had zero cases of Covid-19. Due to our lack of medical facilities in the area, the community is understandably concerned with the return of off-island travelers. We expect guests of Hana Kai Maui to heed covid-19 protocols at all times when visiting Hana and to wear masks and socially distance whenever and wherever you encounter others.

Fortunately, Hana is a perfect place for social distancing! The beaches are open! We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay.



Pandemic Checkout Procedure:

Please help us keep our employees safe and our units free of insects by following these simple procedures. Employees will wait 24 hours before entering units after checkout.

  • Wash dishes and discard open/leftover food. (It’s ok to leave clean dishes to dry)
  • Remove bed linens (leave blanket and mattress pad on the bed)
  • Place dirty sheets & towels in the linen bag provided and leave it near the door.
  • Tie kitchen trash bag (if used). Leave in place
  • Close all doors and windows, turn off all lights and lock the door
  • Drop keys in one of the key drop boxes (at front desk or manager’s office)

Your Kokua (help/cooperation) is greatly appreciated!!

Why Everyone’s Bucket List Should Have “Attend An Authentic Maui Luau”

Most visitors to Maui have at least heard of a luau, but may not have had the opportunity to attend one. But if you’re planning a trip, a luau is a fun, interesting and frequently delicious way to experience real Hawaiian culture.

Why Everyone's Bucket List Should Have "Attend An Authentic Maui Luau”

More than just a party with leis, a luau is a long-standing tradition of celebrations throughout the Islands. Luaus are a traditional party and celebration with a range of native Island dishes that are a culinary delight. If a luau isn’t on your bucket list, it’s time to add it.

History Of The Luau

Like many cultures, Hawaiian men and women didn’t have their meals together until 1819. Then King Kamehameha II banished this tradition and began eating with the women, eliminating the previous religious prohibitions on integrated dining. The name “luau” comes from a native food made from chicken and taro leaves combined with coconut milk and baked.

Traditionally, diners sat on Lauhala mats on the floor, and dined on traditional Poi, meats, and other locally grown staples. Everything served were “finger foods,” and “ruffled the feathers” of their prim-and-proper Victorian visitors.

Tables were set with white linens and an abundance of flowers, including settings and centerpieces along with leis worn by partygoers.

King Kalakaua was a huge fan of luaus, earning the nickname the “Merry Monarch.” His 50th birthday party saw 1500 invited guests.

Modern luaus are not quite as large, and include utensils. They’re just as much fun as the larger ones of previous years, even without Island royalty. Much of the same traditional food is included, as well as dancing the hula. (Hint: dancing the hula should also be on your bucket list.)  

Food Of The Luau

Commercial luaus are designed to give visitors a real taste of authentic Polynesian foods and a great time while you’re there.

Kalua pua’a, or a seasoned slow-roasted pork, is traditionally the main dish at a luau, and is cooked in the traditional manner—underground—for about 8 hours. Sweet potatoes and other traditional foods are also cooked in the underground pit wrapped in plenty of banana leaves.

Other traditional luau dishes include:

  • Poi
  • Chicken long rice
  • Lomi salmon
  • Haupia or coconut custard
  • Tropical fruit—mango, pineapple, papaya
  • Salad
  • Fish
  • Rice

Beverage choices include Mai Tais and other tropical drinks, including fruit punch and soft drinks for younger attendees.

Luaus are usually about three hours long and held at sunset on a beach, and include a wide range of entertainment.

Having A Luau-Themed Party At Home

If you haven’t made it to a real luau in Maui yet, it’s easy to make the luau the theme of your next outdoor party. If you’ve been to a luau and want to bring that experience to your friends and family, having one at home will be an event nobody will forget.  

Of course, the first step is to serve (somewhat) traditional Hawaiian foods, like Poi, Chicken Long Rice and Lomilomi Salmon. The Polynesian Cultural Center offers recipes for traditional luau foods, as well as a list of music and games for your backyard luau.

If you’re interested in learning more, find some Hawaiian cookbooks that offer more in the way of native cuisine to make your luau a little more authentic:

Include some flowers and leis for your guests, and you might not realize you’re not on a beach in Maui.

Stay At Hana Kai Maui Condos For Your Next Visit

Call to book your next reservations at 1-800-346-2772, or book directly online. We’re open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Hawaii time to answer all of your questions. Get in touch today to begin reserving your visit to Hana Kai Maui.

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