The Road To Hana

One of the most famous treks in Maui is the famed Road to Hana. This nearly 65-mile stretch of Highways 36 and 360 takes you from Kahului to Hana and can take anywhere from 5 hours as much as a full day to complete—one way. Along the way you will pass multiple attractions, 59 bridges, and more than 600 curves that make the drive one of the most dangerous you’ll ever make.

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Included in this ultimate road trip are incredible cascading waterfalls, black-sand beaches, lush and unspoiled rainforests, as well as decidedly un-urban Hawaiian villages.

Remember that the Road to Hana isn’t just a journey, it’s also a destination by itself. Either way, you’ll see some of the most breathtaking scenery in Hawaii, so don’t forget your cameras. Take your time, do a little planning, and remember to enjoy the ride.


There are two ways to visit and ride the Road to Hana—by rental car, or by tour vans. Both have their advantages.

Many people choose to rent a vehicle. You can drive at your own pace and stop whenever and wherever you like to experience the incredible views and beautiful beaches.

However, this treacherous drive is VERY slow going, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you decide to drive yourself, remember to take your time, dress comfortably, bring water and snacks, and plan to take the entire day.

The Road to Hana has also been nicknamed “Divorce Highway,” since the slow, careful driving has caused many heated arguments among couples. You won’t be able to enjoy the sights because of the incredible focus you’ll need to drive on this nail-biting highway.  

Don’t to ruin your relationship—take a tour van.

Leave the driving to someone with experience driving one of the world’s most arduous roads. Van drivers drive The Road frequently, so they navigate the curves, one-lane bridges and winding roads with ease. There is a schedule, but you’ll be able to relax and take in some of the beautiful features of Maui’s scenery, including the famed The Seven Sacred Pools, while someone local helps you truly enjoy The Road.

What To See On The Road

Here are a few highlights of the many notable places on The Road.

Your first stop is a little place called Paia Town, where you’ll fuel up both yourself and your vehicle, with lunch, snacks, coffee and other supplies.

Twin Falls at Mile Marker #2 comes shortly thereafter, with a large swimming area and incredible waterfalls. This popular area is usually crowded, and can be subject to flash floods, and access is closed if it becomes dangerous. The farm stand at the front offers freshly picked fruit, smoothies, banana bread and other treats, and the sale of these items supports the facility and allows it to remain free of charge.

Hikers will enjoy the Waikamoi Ridge Trail at Mile Marker #9.5. This incredible area has two trails—one takes 10 minutes, the other takes 30. Despite the mud, it’s a beautiful hike in an area with plenty of trees.

The Garden of Eden Arboretum and Botanical Garden is located at Mile Marker #10, and includes some amazing sights like the 100-year-old mango tree, a banana patch, an enchanted forest, and others. Although this area charges admission, you’ll be able to experience this entire area with some of the most beautiful views anywhere.

At Mile Marker #41 is the Palapala Ho’omau Church, a small building nestled in lush foliage with a small park that includes Charles Lindberg’s final resting place.

Fresh banana bread is a popular treat and is available everywhere, so make sure to try some. Bananas thrive here, banana bread has become as much a staple food as bananas. Local bakeries use a wide range of recipes with the “Aloha” baked right in.

While you’re on The Road To Hana, please be respectful of the land, the people, and the surroundings.  

Your Place At The Hana Kai Maui Is At The End Of The Road To Hana

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Famous Celebrities Living On Maui

If you’ve visited Maui and wondered what it would be like to live here, a number of people already know. Some of them you may have heard of. And why not? The incredible beauty of the island has been used for multiple films and TV shows, and the seclusion and privacy are a big draw for both film crews and the actors.

Celebrities love to visit Hawaii, particularly Maui, and many have chosen to buy a home on the Island of Maui. Some live here part time or even half time, while others use theirs as occasional vacation homes.

So what celebrities might be shopping for groceries or picking up mail here?  

Movie Stars, Musicians And Others

  • Clint Eastwood calls Maui his “second adopted home,” and built his home near the Wailea beach in an undeveloped area known locally as “White Rock.” Maui was also the backdrop for his 2010 film Hereafter.
  • Steven Tyler owns a home in the Kihei area of Maui. He’s been known to hang out on Little Beach in Makena and participate in the occasional drum circle.
  • Lars Ulrich (from the band Metallica) is rumored to live in Launiupoko, on the west side of the island.
  • Baseball player Shane Victorino went to high school at St. Anthony High School in Wailuku, and has had a career playing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Retired ESPN announcer Chris Berman also calls Maui home, in the undeveloped area called Olowalu. There are few homes, and no urban amenities like traffic signals, fast food, and hotels. The area is popular for visitors who enjoy kayaking and snorkeling, as well as golfing and beachgoers.

Part Time Maui Residents

Even though they don’t live here full time, three Maui devotees have businesses here:

  • Rock musician Sammy Hagar, who owns the Kahului Airport location of the Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill
  • KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who owns the Rock & Brews location in Paia of the California-based restaurant chain
  • Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood, owner of Fleetwood’s restaurant on Lahaina’s Front Street. Irony: he bought the house from his bandmate, John McVie.

Maui’s Texans

Believe it or not, Texans like Maui too! The island boasts four celebrities from The Lone Star State who have taken up residence in Maui.

Willie Nelson not only lives in Paia, he owns a bar called Charlie’s there. He’s been known to play impromptu concerts with his sons.

Brownsville native Kris Kristofferson lives in our own Hana, and occasionally treats us to an impromptu concert.

Dallas native Owen Wilson also bought a home in an eco-village on Maui in 2008. Midland native Woody Harrelson owns two homes on Maui, and counts Wilson and Nelson as his neighbors.

They’ve been known to play poker with retired NBA player and coach Don Nelson, a Michigan native, who also lives in Paia.

Austin resident Matthew McConaughey also visits frequently with his wife, Camille Alves, and their three children. No word on whether he gets onstage with Willie and Kris.

Maui’s “Queen”

Media queen Oprah Winfrey is the largest landowner on Maui. She owns 63 acres in Hana, as well as a 21st century farmhouse on the Thompson Ranch in Haleakala. The story goes that her personal trainer showed her the Hana land that he loved. But he had concerns that developers could purchase the land and turn it into condos. Oprah agreed, and bought the land herself to prevent the development. Former first lady Michelle Obama has been a frequent visitor.

Once you visit Maui, you’ll understand why these celebrities frequent our island and want to live here.  

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