4 Advantages Of Staying In A Condo While Visiting Hana, Maui

One of the most important parts of your visit to Hana is where you’ll be staying. Most people think first about a hotel and look at the amenities that are included. Will it have a coffeepot? How big is the bathroom? Will there be a window and/or balcony available?

But not everyone thinks about renting a condo for their stay instead of a hotel room. If you’re planning a visit to Hana, you can certainly stay in a hotel, but give some consideration to a condo. Here are four reasons why a Hana condo may be better than a hotel.

More Privacy

In many cases, even a studio condo may be bigger than a hotel room, with a lanai (balcony) and views. But with a condo, you can stay inside and not have to leave when you need something. You’ll have a private entrance, common area, and lanai to enjoy. If you need ice, it’s already in the freezer, as well as drinks and anything else you decide to stock in your private kitchen. 

More Space

In Maui, as in many US cities, hotels have a limit to how many people can stay in a hotel room. If you’re a family or a group of 5 or more, you’ll be renting multiple hotel rooms. This may be particularly complicated if you are traveling with small children.

A condo doesn’t have that 4-person limit, so it solves that problem easily. Depending on the size of the unit, you’ll not only have more room, but you’ll also have more bedrooms. You may even have a sleeper sofa, allowing more people to stay with you in the condo.

Less Expensive

Condos can be less expensive than a hotel room, depending on the location. Do some research, and check sites like TripAdvisor for reviews to see if the description meets the experience.

While many hotels have laundry services, condos will have in-unit laundry facilities. You can wash your clothes easily, and for a lot less than a laundry service.

Consider your food budget: even with a hotel restaurant, you’ll be eating out three meals a day. In a condo, you have the opportunity to cook for your family just as you would at home. Stock up on your grocery items when you leave the airport, and you’ll be ready to cook when you get there.

Of course, you’ll probably want to have one dinner at a local Hana eatery during your stay. But with some advance meal planning and buying local ingredients, you and your family will be able to dine much less expensively during your stay.

It’s A Home

Even as a vacation rental, a condo is more of a home than any hotel room, which generally consists of a small room with a bathroom. You may have a small refrigerator with a small coffeepot.  Even high-end hotel rooms can be borderline claustrophobic.

But a condo is a home, with a living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and other available “comforts” so you can truly relax and enjoy being on vacation.

Come To Hana Kai Maui Beach Condos

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