Behold The Beautiful Flowers Of Maui!

One of Maui’s most enduring features is the thick green foliage that carpets nearly everything. Much of the foliage results in something even more attractive: flowers. The lush tropical environment helps to grow some of the most beautiful flowers on earth.

Most people think of Hawaii’s state flower, the Yellow Hibiscus, one of the most popular, along with plumerias, one of the many flowers used in leis. But Maui is home to a huge array of floral varieties, some of which aren’t native and were imported from around the world.

What You’ll Find Here

Maui is home to literally hundreds of types of unique and sweet-smelling flowers, and you may never see the same one twice. Additionally, Maui is home to 17 of the 20 known worldwide climate zones, so it’s possible to grow just about any type of flower, somewhere.

Maui’s incredible flowers include:

  • The Pink Lokelani Flower, aka “The Maui Rose,” also used in leis
  • Hibiscus in multiple colors
  • Plumerias
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Orchids
  • White Ginger
  • Tuberose
  • Bromeliads
  • Ginger flowers, which are prolific growers and are used in Maui cuisine as well as some shampoos
  • Heliconia, found in Hana’s rainforests and in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Protea, a transplant from South Africa that’s in the same plant family as Macadamia nuts

Maui is also home to many trees that flower, such as the African Tulip, Red Ti, Jacaranda, Royal Poinciana, the Kukui tree (a Polynesian import) and the native Ohia.

These native plants can also be viewed at places such as:

Check with the venues for their current times and availability.

The Flower Farms On The Road To Hana

Because the flower trade is also one of Maui’s many agricultural exports, you’ll see flower farms, botanical gardens, and even private residences that grow a large variety of native flowers. Tours of Maui usually include stops at these flower farms and roadside markets for a look at the incredibly diverse Hawaiian flora. There are varieties that grow here that you won’t find anywhere else, and Maui’s fresh flowers are shipped to retailers worldwide.

These beautiful flowers along with fruit also grow in abundance in backyards and courtyards of private homes that were planted generations ago and are still growing well. Many residents put cut flowers and fresh fruit for sale in buckets at the ends of their driveways with an “honor box” for interested passersby. (Make sure to have some available cash during your trip to purchase them.)

Flowers On The Way To Hana Kai Maui Condos

Nowhere else on earth will you find the wide diversity of flowers like you’ll see in Maui. Pick up some flowers for your visit during your Road to Hana adventure.

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